review: organic bistro thai curry beef bowl

I’ve been a big fan of Helen’s Kitchen frozen tofu and meals when I find myself in a bind for lunch or don’t have the time to make and pack a lunch. Although beef is very rare for a lunch meal for me, I decided to try the Thai Style Red Curry with Beef Bowl because it looked and sounded amazing. (Curry always sounds amazing to me)

I should have brought something to round out the meal – preferably some sort of fresh vegetables – because it definitely wasn’t enough for lunch and I was scrounging for snacks that afternoon. The flavors were great and I definitely want to try some of the other varieities of the new “bowl” line!


  • protein content (18 grams) and nutrition stats in general
  • real ingredients
  • that brown rice was used
  • that it is gluten and dairy free
  • that there wasn’t a lot of meat, at first I was a little disappointed and then realized this was a good way to eat meat if I was going to have it for lunch – as more of a flavor enhancer than main component of meal



  • there was more curry sauce!
  • it used different veggies – unfortunately the carrots and sweet potato seemed a bit mushy
  • there were more veggies :)


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