seven simple ideas for chicken dinners

Chicken tends to be the classic weekday meal.

It also tends to have a reputation for being boring.

But it can make a great dinner – most of us can agree on that, right?

We always have some organic chicken thighs (Costco!) in the freezer for weeknight meals, but chicken on a regular basis requires some creativity!

Here are my top seven ways (with ideas and recipes for each) to make chicken for dinner!

Stir-Fry: frozen vegetables + bottled sauce | thai ginger | saucy coconut

On/In a Salad: caesar | fall chicken salad | tomato + avocado

Cheater Chicken Parmesan: top cooked chicken breast with marinara sauce and a slice of mozzarella; broil until golden brown

Coated with Crumbs: panko | italian breadcrumbs | almond meal

Slow-Cooker: bbq sauce | tikka masala | asian chicken

Grilled: citrus | yakitori | mediterranean kebabs

Mexican: fajitas | tacos | slow-cooker chicken mole

Anything to add to the list? 


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    Considering chicken is the only meat I’m eating nowadays I definitely try to get creative with it. Salads and grilled chicken is a staple and you can always make it different depending on the salad: summery/sweet with berries, nuts or peanut sauce and edamame for a more Asian feel. I definitely have “sick of chicken” phases… love the Mediterranean kabob recipe!

  2. says

    Great list! We eat a ton of chicken, so this will come in handy. Our go-to: Sauteed in rogan josh. We also recently had a mix of chicken, zucchini, coconut rice and butternut squash sauce… so tasty!

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