super bowl food ridiculousness

It seems that this is the week of super bowl food. Forget the commercials, it’s all about the food. Is the game even worth a mention anymore? I’m not sure…

Pinterest is FULL of cheesy dips, party foods and sweet treats. Which is pretty standard, but I swear there are more than normal! (super bowl recipe pins)

There is a full-fledged shortage of chicken wings – buy them sooner than later and you will be paying a premium!

Every article and headline is either low-calorie recipes so you don’t gain weight, or the opposite – drool-worthy, cheesy, gooey recipes that are begging to make your super bowl party food list.

Commercials are getting us geared up to think that we absolutely couldn’t watch the game without: soda, beer and a pizza delivery.

And I’ve even joined a #superbowlplus hangout on google+.

It’s a bit ridiculous, right? But what are we to do? Go completely overboard and indulge in everything we’ve seen online or on tv? Or serve some boring grilled chicken breasts with veggies and a low-fat greek yogurt dip? Don’t even get me started on soup – so not super bowl food. Ugh.

I’ve never been one for making things too healthy, and I’ve never been one to have a snack spread lacking some sort of vegetable. And even though I think it is all a bit ridiculous, I’ll still have to partake in the super bowl food fest. :) My spread will look something like this:

A balance of healthy and indulgent, fun and veggies.

What is on your super bowl food menu this year?  

*image via what the health magazine


  1. says

    who makes all this stuff??? I wish I lived in a world where I would spend hours cooking up tasty little tidbits for my big honkin’ party and they would dig in with glee. 99% of football watchers want onion dip and chips from the store, pizza and wings from wherever, and beer. Lots of beer. They would look at all these super fancy bits n’ pieces with horror and most likely wouldn’t touch it. Eggplant? Layered bean dip? Only on the food channel, where they need to come up with something at every holiday.

  2. says

    YUM! We’re having BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and some other snacky-type stuff. I actually still haven’t decided what I’m going to make yet :)

  3. says

    Totally random but my BFF and I have been talking about getting our famlies together for an evening of Indian food so we are combining the two. I haven’t figured out exactly what I am making but I can’t wait!

  4. Cath says

    We do a Super Chili Bowl party – chili and fixin’s and veggies and dips. I’m thinking of making your Spicy Pepper Goat Cheese Spread! But, do you use bell peppers or hot peppers like jalapenos? And BTW, we always drink wine at the Super Chili Bowl party.

    • Emily says

      Nice to hear from another wine-drinker. :)
      Use bell peppers! If you like spicy food you could throw in a jalapeno or two, but I always use bell peppers. Sorry if that wasn’t clear, I’ll revise the recipe! Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think of the dip!

      • Cath says

        Emily, Your Spicy Pepper Goat Cheese Spread was absolutely *wonderful*!! Even serious foodies at the party raved that it was “Outstanding,” “Delicious,” etc, etc. And so pretty too – I used 3 colors of sweet peppers. Thank you so much for that recipe!

  5. Marnie says

    I am so embarrassed to say I haven’t been on your website in so long… I LOVE the new look! Stunning job Emily. Also – I plan on making bacon wrapped water chestnuts, taco dip and a plethora of veggies with hummus. The sig fig is requesting buffalo dip… decisions, decisions!


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