ask the nutritionist: does sushi have health benefits?

Last night I celebrated my Birthday with good friends, a little wine and sushi! We always think of the Japanese culture as being a very healthy one,  and they consistently have longer life expectancies and lower rates of heart disease, cancer, etc. but why?  Is it the sushi itself?  Or all of the components of a Japanese meal?  I say enjoy a nice sushi meal often!   photo by Zeetz Jones

Miso Soup: fermented foods are a good source of probiotics – which are the beneficial bacteria in our intestinal track
Edamame: these soybeans are good sources of protein and fiber
Nori: full of Vitamins C & A; powerful antioxidants 
Fish: salmon and yellowtail are good sources of omega 3’s (We want the ratio of omega:6’s to omega:3’s to be as close to 1:1 as possible – Most Americans have a ratio of 25:1 and Most Japanese have a ratio of 4:1) the omega 3’s can help reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent breast and colon cancers, reduce inflammation and more!
Ginger: holds digestive properties- it can help soothe an upset stomach, prevent motion sickness, provide arthritis relief and reduce clotting in blood 

Green Tea: tea is full of polyphenols that act similarly to antioxidants – they help neutralize harmful free radicals which are linked to everything from wrinkles to cancer

ask the nutritionist: how do nutritionists really eat?

 ten ways i classify my eating:
 i use real half & half in my coffee
 the occasional steak or burger is always enjoyed
 i do everything in my power to not eat preservative-ridden foods
 i find rich foods very satisfying (which is why you don’t need that much)
 i avoid refined flours and sugars (but will enjoy desserts and water crackers)
 i ALWAYS eat breakfast
 i would NEVER use fat-free cheese
i bring my own lunch to work
 i love vegetables and probably eat about 10 “servings”/day
 i consider food to be medicine