I’m always looking for ways to make a recipe healthier.

Well, I take that back – there are times to make a recipe healthier and there are times when you should leave it be. Some recipes aren’t meant to be healthy.

But when the time is right to make a recipe a bit healthier – here are my favorite tips:

How to Make any Recipe Healthier: 

  • reduce an ingredient! This can work with cheese or dairy products, mayonnaise, oil, sugar, etc. Play around with the amount to find the best result.
  • swaps grains: Using whole grains (bread, pasta, tortillas) in place of white flour versions can help increase fiber and protein and can sometimes even decrease calories.
  • reduced-fat products: In my opinion there isn’t much of a flavor difference between the full and reduced-fat versions of cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise. (Reduced-fat cheese is NOT ok with me!) :)
  • add veggies! This is a favorite of mine – if a recipe calls for 1/2 an onion or bell pepper, use the whole thing! Veggies add bulk to your meal for very few calories. Serve entrees over lightly steamed spinach instead of pasta, and always add more greens and lettuce to salads.

How do you alter recipes to make them a little healthier? 

meal plan, healthy meal plan, diet meal plan

creating a meal plan

There are many, many valuable reasons out there to create a meal plan every week. It saves you from making multiple trips to the grocery store, ensures that you don’t buy groceries you don’t need (which saves money and translates to less food waste), and also means that the “what are we having for dinner” thoughts

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super foods, old school super foods, normal foods that are super foods

old school superfoods

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear of the latest and greatest health foods (think goji berries, chia seeds, kombucha, etc.) and it might make us look in our own cupboards and groan with the thought of another $150 trip to Whole Foods. Today though, I’m not going to tell you about the

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vegetables at breakfast

top 5 ways to eat vegetables at breakfast

There is something so….healthy about starting your day off with vegetables. It just feels so good. Don’t roll your eyes, I swear it’s true! Ideally, we would eat vegetables at every meal, not just lunch and dinner. I know that vegetables at breakfast really throw some people off, but it doesn’t have to. It can

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healthy breakfast ideas

healthy breakfast ideas

Last week, when I shared my favorite 1-minute snack ideas with you all, I got a request for breakfast ideas. I used to be the person who could eat toast and peanut butter or oatmeal and peanut butter for days on end, but now I’ve noticed that I need a little more variety in the

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enjoying the holidays

Last year I was in the midst of a “healthy holidays” series and I came to an important realization. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, without stressing out about how many calories are in that cup of egg nog and worrying about being perfectly healthy the whole time. I’m going to eat cheese and

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frozen meals

ask the nutritionist: how to shop for frozen meals

(source) As much as we all wish that we could lovingly prepare delicious, healthy meals at home for every meal, it simply isn’t always the case. I’m a fan of frozen meals as they can easily replace take-out or fast food and can be much healthier and much less expensive. There are a number of

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