daily eats: april 15, 2015

Wow! Demi and I had a day yesterday. She spent most of 8am-1pm attached to me – eating. She typically eats pretty frequently during the day but this was not how we normally spend the morning. (And hopefully it isn’t a regular occurrence!) I can’t say I blame her though, just like her parents, she really enjoys her food. :)

beverage: morning coffee + 1/2 & 1/2


breakfast: silver hills sprouted herb’s garlic bagel + cream cheese + avocado + tomato slices. In between nursing sessions for Demi, I had a few minutes for breakfast. This is one of my favorite meals right now, and calorie-dense meals are currently what I’m going for. I now understand what people mean when they say they don’t have time – or hands – to eat.


lunch 1: sautéed kale + slow cooked beef. Before my parents left (tear!) I sautéed some kale, cut up some carrots and slow cooked a piece of beef to fill my fridge with some proteins and vegetables. (Both have been lacking lately.) They all came in handy today and I ate some vegetables! Yay!


lunch 2: carrots + cheese + olives + pita chips. This is my favorite snack right now and I have it on a daily basis. :)


snack: 2 pieces of peanut butter ‘eggs’ (recipe from minimalist baker). I didn’t shape them into eggs and dip in chocolate (mostly because I’m lazy) but I’ll definitely make the easy ‘bar’ version again. (I’ll add a few more dates than the recipe calls for to make them a touch sweeter!)


dinner: wine + salad with italian dressing + frozen pizza (topped with mushrooms, pepper, onion and parmesan). I mentioned that we’ve been so spoiled with food and meal from family and friends…and believe it or not, but I’ve been craving frozen pizza! It was time.


thoughts on the day: I’m happy that I got a few vegetables in throughout the day, in addition to dinner. As always, it doesn’t matter if I’m pregnant, breastfeeding, or not, I listen to my body and try to balance mostly healthy food with fun food. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m not, I try not to.

daily eats: march 8, 2015

I’m switching up this week’s daily eats post and sharing a day of weekend eating! My weekend eating is a bit different than weekday eating. It’s less structured, not as healthy and typically is lacking vegetables.

beverage: coffee + 1/2 & 1/2. I spent the morning putzing around, working on some recipes and starting to pack for the hospital! Next week I’m determined to go to brunch.

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breakfast: almond butter french toast (2 slices sprouted bread + 1 egg + 1 Tbsp almond butter + 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup). This is for the Snap Fitness blog (I create recipes for them) and you’ll probably see the recipe soon, it’s a good one!

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workout: 45 minute walk. Though I’m not sure that should be categorized as a workout…I’m still on a walking and physique 57 workout plan.

lunch #1: cherrios w/ ancient grains (sent from General Mills) + blueberries + 2% milk.

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Sundays are my meal prep days and while I typically make salads for our lunches, in an effort to clean out the freezer of some tempeh and quinoa, I made Cuban Fried Quinoa with Black Beans and Tempeh via Oh My Veggies. If you like quinoa and tempeh, you’ve got to try this, it’s great!

lunch #2: mac & cheese + shrimp linguine sauce. The weirdest lunch ever. We had leftover shrimp linguine sauce but I wanted mac & cheese instead of plain pasta, so I ate the sauce on the side. :)

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snack: starburst jelly beans. My favorite Easter treat!

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dinner: 2 chicken drumsticks + green beans + potato chips. I had originally intended to make some sweet potato fries, but it was too hot for the oven and I didn’t remember until the chicken was already on the grill. Potato chips made an excellent replacement.

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dessert: more jelly beans!

thoughts: Too much candy. Not enough vegetables. And not really worrying about any of it. :)

daily eats: february 17, 2015

I’m bringing back the daily eats posts! (I learned from the survey that the most popular post types are Recipes, Daily Eats, Lately I’ve Been and then Nutrition-related posts.) The daily eats are some of my favorite posts to look back and read so I am happy to add them back into the rotation on a regular basis. Question – do you find calorie/macro counts helpful in these posts? It’s interesting for me to see where I’m at every now and then but it’s not something I do so it’s really only for you! Let me know if you have strong feelings one way or the other.

The last few days I’ve felt hungrier than normal and I’m just kind of going with it. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I’ve eaten pretty normally, and added in more food when I’ve been hungry. So far it’s working well, I’ve gained a little over 20 pounds so far, right on track! Oh and baby is big, 5 lb 10 oz.

workout: 25 minutes of physique 57 cardio blast. After trying (and loving) this workout online, I decided I needed the DVD. It’s a great low-impact (for my downstairs neighbor) workout and I feel like I get a pretty intense workout from it, which doesn’t always happen with the other barre workouts I’ve done.

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beverages: swig of oj with my iron pill + coffee + 1/2 & 1/2

breakfast: peanut butter + jelly sandwich on sprouted bread. I’ve been on a pretty consistent mix of smoothies + paleo banana muffins, oatmeal, and muesli with banana for breakfasts but with some sprouted bread in the fridge, I just had to make a pb + j sandwich. Such an easy breakfast, and it tastes so good.

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lunch: brown rice + jambalaya + side salad. This week is ‘clean out the freezer’ week and how fitting to have a cajun-inspired meal on Fat Tuesday! I’m vowing to label everything that goes in the freezer from now on because I had no idea what this was until I started eating it. I didn’t eat much of the brown rice – it was soaked in water and I was not a fan…

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lunch #2: ohh, and because there was pizza at work I didn’t want to waste any belly space with water-logged brown rice. :) I had two small pieces.

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snack: apple

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dinner: was supposed to be salmon burgers + brussels sprouts but EVERY week, salmon burgers are on the dinner menu and every week they seem to get bumped off. Today, I received an email from PostMates (a meal delivery app/service) with an offer for free ShopHouse (the Asian Chipotle) and obviously I couldn’t pass that up! I had a rice noodle bowl with steak laab, green beans, red curry sauce and pickled vegetables. I love their flavors, but it’s not enough food for me – pregnant or not!

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dessert: x2, but one is healthy enough for breakfast so in my mind I’m considering it a snack! I had two squares of Coconut Raspberry Bars (from The Little French Bakery Cookbook – love this cookbook!) + cake batter chia pudding from Edible Perspective. I’m not sure I would say it tastes like cake batter, but it’s really good and a really nutritious blend of chia seeds, dates, almond butter, oats, etc. that I feel good about eating. I’ll definitely make the pudding again (and I’ll probably double the recipe).

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I have such an exciting weekend planned, I can hardly contain myself! See you next week!

daily eats: october 29, 2014

Good morning internet friends!

workout: This morning (as with most mornings) I had that internal conversation with myself as my alarm went off at 5:25: should I get up and go workout? Or should I sleep? Today, sleep won and my mother will be so disappointed. (She’s been asking me if I’m “staying active”…just about every other day!) ;)

beverages: I drank a green juice (kale + cucumber + lemon + apple + parsley + water) on the way to work and a blonde roast + 1/2 & 1/2 when I got to work. The best way to start the day is a green juice…followed by coffee.

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breakfast: protein pancakes (turned into muffins) + maple syrup + greek pastures yogurt. I’ve kind of been hoarding yogurts lately. I’m not sure what is happening to me, but in the last month or so, I can’t go to the store without picking up a few yogurts (Fage is on sale! Chobani is on sale! Siggi’s is on sale!) and now I’ve got a stockpile that I’m trying to (literally) shove down Richie’s throat before they go bad. This grass-fed yogurt was being sampled at Whole Foods and I bought two of them…mainly because I used to have that job and I sympathize. (The berry was delicious and they have some really inventive flavors!)

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lunch: I didn’t really pack a lunch today because…well, I just really wanted Clementine. They finally have the late fall/winter menu available and it’s by far, my favorite menu! I always get the 3-Salad-Combo: chicken salad +brussels sprouts + lentils. But when I got back to my office, they had given me egg salad instead. A little disappointing but thankfully, I love their egg salad – and – I haven’t had any reaction to eggs since I’ve been pregnant. I ate a little more than half.

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snack: …the rest of lunch. :)

snack #2/dinner: was fun! We attended the Hello Kitty Convention opening night party, which was downtown LA…I was definitely exposed to the Hello Kitty world! I snacked on a few appetizers (the cutest mini ruebens), popcorn and a bite of cake. I think the highlight of the night was seeing Jenny from Flipping Out – not only is she incredibly sweet, but I fell for her cute little girl who desperately wanted some of my popcorn. (And I totally would have shared, but she wasn’t really old enough for popcorn!)

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snack #3: I was hungry when I got home so I finished the day off with a bowl of cereal. And crashed into bed.

Any Hello Kitty fans?