daily eats: 6.8.11

Wednesday 6.8.11

6:25 am: Realize I’ve overslept. Ugh. Roll out of bed and head downstairs for a quick, but intense 30 minutes on the elliptical. Thank the weather gods that it is no longer 103° and humid, I like to save those temps for hot yoga.

Stop by Caribou for daily coffee + coconut creamer…where they know my name. :) I like it.


Finish reading The Pioneer Woman’s Love Story during commute (not while I was driving of course) – fantastic book, I loved it!

Breakfast: 2 slices sprouted bread + earth balance + peanut butter

Lunch: Brown rice + chard + tofu topped with goddess dressing + sriracha (inspired by Eat Live Run) with a side of greens. :)

Wonder if I’ll be able to make it through the afternoon (my snack stash is seriously lacking at work.)

End up being so busy at work that I don’t even think about being hungry.


Head out and realize I’m hungry. Actually I totally planned it. Stop by Starbucks (because I had a gift card) and order a strawberry smoothie. They are out of bananas. Stare at the menu with no clue what to order. Order a coffee Frappuccino light, 2% milk. “Wait, what is the light Frappuccino mean?” I ask the barista. “Sugar-free.” “Scratch that, I’ll take a regular, 2%.”

Afternoon Snack #1: Drink about a third of it in the car/my personal library.

Visit a precious little baby and want one.

Sitting in traffic, I practice/plan out the yoga sculpt class I’ll be teaching at camp. I’ve found driving is the perfect time to do this, even though people probably wonder what I’m doing.

Come home starving so the Taster whips up some “Minnesota Sushi.”

Afternoon Snack #2: also known as ham, pickle and cream cheese roll-ups.

God I’m glad I grew up in the Midwest.


Dinner: cod + tartar sauce and broccolini (my favorite!)

Sometimes I like to eat a light dinner just so I can snack later, is that wrong?

Have trouble deciding between popcorn and gelato.

Why decide? Have both!

Evening Snack #1: Belgian Chocolate Gelato – few bites

Umm, why is this the first time I’ve had gelato?! It’s amazing!

Evening Snack #2: Popcorn + a little butter

Rough Calorie Estimate: 1,900

Thoughts on the day: Missing fruit and different colored veggie!

daily eats: 5.28.11

I have to admit, I kind of love doing the daily eats posts from time to time – I hope you do too!

Weekends are often quite different in terms of eating for me…no 6am yoga (thankfully!), breakfasts at home, hopefully made by the Taster and perhaps one my favorite things? Coffee out of a real mug! It’s the little things. Sometimes it is mainly snacking, sometimes it is a few larger meals throughout the day.

Saturday May 28th:

Morning workout: 45 minute spin class – 1st time I’ve done spin in a while – love spin!

Followed by lots of water and some coffee + coconut creamer. :)

Breakfast #1: overnight smoothie ala Michelle from A Lively Kitchen

Ingredients: 1 small banana, 2 Tbsp oats, 1 Tbsp PB Flour, 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds, 1 cup Almond Milk  – soaked overnight and blended the next day with a little extra almond milk + cocoa nibs. *I probably drank about 1/3 of this – bananas don’t always sit well with me!

A trip to the Mill City Farmers Market was definitely in order this weekend (first time of the season) and food was definitely at the top of our minds.

Breakfast #2: Meat Momo (Tibetan dumpling) – shared with the Taster and so delicious. I can’t wait to order from Gorkha Palace – it is an Indian/Tibetan Restaurant in our neighborhood and have always wanted to try it!

After some wandering we made an amazing purchase – an herb planter containing cilantro, basil, parsley, sage, rosemary and marjoram – let’s just hope this stays alive longer than my previous gardening experiences.


Instead of waiting in the crazy Chef Shack line, we decided to grab a bite at Spoonriver which ended up being rather average and pretty disappointing. Our last trip to Spoonriver was great, but I think we could have done a better job ordering this trip.

Lunch: I had the Greens Salad: Sunflower Sprouts, Pumpkin Seeds, Fig Vinaigrette. Which I actually enjoyed, the fig vinaigrette was very different.

The Taster ordered the Spoon Burger: Minnesota Farm Lamb, House Ketchup, Corn Chips. He was a little disappointed – there was also quinoa in it (hehe) which he didn’t really think was that great.  I thought it could have used a little something but the house ketchup was delicious. It was just a little blah and I think we both expected a little more since it was almost $15. Lesson learned.

After an afternoon of website work (like the new look?), camp work and a pedicure, I came home just in time for cocktail hour. Which in our house means a drink and a snack, most likely involving cheese and crackers. :)

Cocktail Hour: wine + crackers + smoked gouda spread (from whole foods)

Dinner: Tijuana Dogs and coleslaw (1 +1/2 dogs) – more to come on those. :)

Weekends can mean more snacking and less vegetables but in my mind, it’s all about balance. And that’s one thing I’m pretty good at. :)

daily eats: 5.03.11

Tuesday May 3rd:

5:26 am wake up call via Sleep Cycle app (amazing so far!)

6:00 am – yoga sculpt class – feel like the biggest wimp/strongest person all in the same hour

8:00 am – Get settled into work with Coffee – did you know it is Hemp History Week?


Breakfast: Multigrain Waffles (originally purchased for the Taster but I’ve eaten most of them) + earth balance + peanut butter


Wonder if “Oats in a Jar” are really as good as everyone says they are? How are they different than just adding peanut butter to oats…debate wether to save the jar or not… someone please enlighten me.

Realize I should be eating a Hemp Bagel for Hemp History Week.

Lunch: California Sandwich: guacamole + pepperjack cheese + sprouts + tomato on whole grain bread. Carrots/celery + hummus and dried mango on the side.

Wish it was warm like California…remember I’m going in 8 days…smile :)

Recall my Food Microbiolgy Professor stating that he would never eat sprouts because of cross contamination. Continue to eat sprouts anyway. Mental note: don’t forget to take probiotics.

Snack: Try a Strawberry Odwalla Protein Monster with some twitter.

Is this what strawberry pepto bismol tastes like? Dislike and toss. Feel guilty for wasting food.

Reach for standard snack as of late – organic string cheese & roasted seaweed. Much better.

7:00 pm pour myself a glass of wine with a background of Real Housewives :)

Dinner: tilapia + frozen green beans (1/2 bag)+ an egg

Wonder what people will think about the random egg…

Decide a few bites of Coconut Ice Cream would be a good food to end the day with. :)

daily eats: 4.1.11

After a quick twitter poll (love Twitter.) I decided that I would do some “daily eats” posts from time to time. I’ve done them a few times, but I think it will give a better and closer look on how I actually eat, day to day, boring food and all. It’s not all exciting eats here at A Nutritionist Eats. ;)

This is also a great example of how random things come up and can totally change your day/what you eat – I was planning on staying home Friday night but the Taster’s game friend couldn’t make it so I decided to go to the Timberwolves game with him at the last minute. Life. It’s always getting in the way of things. ;)

Friday 4.1.11

Morning Workout: 20 minutes on the elliptical

Fresh Juice: cucumber + celery + romaine + pineapple

Coffee + Coconut Creamer

Breakfast: French Meadow Bakery Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin Bagel + Earth Balance Spread

Lunch: Sauteed Kale and Chipotle Salad: lettuce + chicken + black beans + fajita veggies + mild & medium salsa + little sour cream + extra lettuce with guacamole and chips from home (Normally I LOVE Chipotle’s guac – but this batch was just ok)

60 Minute Yoga Sculpt Class: I typically don’t work out on Friday afternoons, but this class worked perfectly for an errand the Taster had to run and it was so nice to start the weekend with a workout!

Dinner: Buffalo Wontons + Veggie Panini & Sweet Potato Fries + Wine (Since I needed food hours ago at this point, I ordered the buffalo wontons immediately and then we split the sandwich – the wontons were pretty good but the sandwich was below average.)

Random Snackage: Brownie Bite (it happens when you work in a bakery) + Raw Macaroon (after yoga)

Wine & Toasted Seaweed at the game (the guys sitting behind us were pretty interested in the seaweed snacks and sampled them :) )

Let me know what you think of these – like, dislike, want more, etc.!