The latest natural food trends have always intrigued me, but since working in the natural food business, they are also something that I needed to stay on top of.

It is one of the reasons why I prefer to go to the store alone – then I can spend all of the time I want wandering up and down every single aisle, every single time I visit the store. (And I could literally go to the store every day).

These are my favorite natural food trends of 2012 – they aren’t necessarily “new” items, but are really popular this year.

  • Gluten-Free: I’m glad that there are more delicious options for those who must follow a gluten-free diet, but there is also a lot of “junk gluten-free” products out there. (Which means Gluten Free isn’t necessarily healthier)!
  • Probiotics: Are everywhere! In food, drink, water and pouch form. I’m a huge fan of probiotics but I still prefer mine via supplements.
  • Convenience Foods: Foods that require little to no prep time are still a staple in 2012 and come in all forms of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Kombucha: The kombucha section is growing at a steady rate and I’ve tried  a number of them, but my favorites are still GT Kombucha and Kombucha Wonder Drink.
  • Greek Yogurt: Like kombucha, I swear I see a new Greek Yogurt brand/variety every time I visit the store. There is even frozen greek yogurt, but I have yet to try it.
  • Coconut: Found in waters, teas, oils, baked goods and bars, ice creams, milks and sweeteners.

Which of these food trends do you enjoy? What would you add to the list? 

farro salad, artichoke farro salad, farro artichoke salad

warm farro & artichoke salad

I was visiting some friends at Intelligentsia (super cool coffee shop) a few weeks ago and I decided to stay and work through lunch after they left. There was a farro salad on the menu which sounded amazing. I normally don’t order grain salads when I’m out, but the Warm Farro & Artichoke Salad on their menu

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meal plan, healthy meal plan, diet meal plan

creating a meal plan

There are many, many valuable reasons out there to create a meal plan every week. It saves you from making multiple trips to the grocery store, ensures that you don’t buy groceries you don’t need (which saves money and translates to less food waste), and also means that the “what are we having for dinner” thoughts

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vegetables at breakfast

top 5 ways to eat vegetables at breakfast

There is something so….healthy about starting your day off with vegetables. It just feels so good. Don’t roll your eyes, I swear it’s true! Ideally, we would eat vegetables at every meal, not just lunch and dinner. I know that vegetables at breakfast really throw some people off, but it doesn’t have to. It can

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low calorie snacks

low-calorie snacks

Most of the time, I prefer snacks that are high in fat, protein and have at least 150-200 calories or I find myself snacking again 5 minutes later. Current favorites: apple + almond butter or cheese + crackers. (Ok, cheese + crackers isn’t current, it’s constant). But there are times, *cough* at night *cough* when

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healthy breakfast ideas

healthy breakfast ideas

Last week, when I shared my favorite 1-minute snack ideas with you all, I got a request for breakfast ideas. I used to be the person who could eat toast and peanut butter or oatmeal and peanut butter for days on end, but now I’ve noticed that I need a little more variety in the

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quick snack ideas

quick 1-minute snack ideas

(source) There are times when you need a snack. Immediately. Or is that just me? There are often a few options – plain carrots (sometimes boring) or processed vending machine snacks (sometimes not very healthy, rarely filling). And then there are the snacks that fall somewhere in between. Ideally, they’ll contain a combination of fresh

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