in my cupboard: trader joe’s potstickers

Normal people probably think about fun weekend plans, exciting meals out, cocktails or just relaxing at home on Friday afternoons.

Apparently I’m not normal and I think about potstickers. Any variety. All I know is that I needed them that night. My life would simply not be complete without them. (This is why I spend so much on food! I get fixated on something and nothing else will do! Please send help!)

So I drove a little out of my way home, to make the stop…

You see, Trader Joe’s has the best potstickers at the best value that I’ve seen.

So I disobey the suggested serving sizes and eat 2/3 of the bag for dinner. With chopsticks and a dipping sauce of soy + sriracha. Perfection.

Not perfection? The last two times I’ve made potstickers – this is the pan aftermath – help!

Impossible pans or not, I’m so glad it’s Friday. You?

review: siggi’s probiotic singles

I don’t know exactly what it was that prompted me to buy this.

I take a probiotic every single morning, but I felt the desire to try these since I love Siggi’s yogurt. (This desire inside of me also makes shopping on a budget impossible for the record.) So I bought them (again, no budget) and it turns out  I love them!  They a perfect pre/post-workout snack in the morning – or if I’m feeling like a few extra probiotics would be of benefit.

What I liked:

  • Not overly sweet, it actually tasted like yogurt + strawberries
  • Sweetened with agave, it still boils down to sugar, but I feel more comfortable with agave than straight sugar
  • High ingredient standards (grass-fed cows, nothing artificial, etc.)
  • Full of probiotics!


  • It wasn’t so expensive ($4.99 at Whole Foods puts it over $1/bottle)

I honestly can’t think of anything else that I would change (that rarely happens) so next up is trying the other flavors!

in my cupboard: seeds of change rice & beans

Some inventions are just plain smart.

Like fully seasoned rice and beans, that take just 90 seconds in the microwave. That are organic. And tasty.

Sure, I love homemade brown rice, but I don’t always have the 40 minutes it takes to make it. Part of my slowing down efforts are not spending so much time making lunches (it was getting a bit ridiculous) so I’m turning to quick meals like these to get me through the week.

This long grain brown rice is ready in minutes, and when paired with some chicken sausage and veggies I’ve got an easy meal that is perfect to take to work. The flavor is great, but this truly is all about convenience.

What are your thoughts on microwavable products like these? Love? Hate? Do you use them?

in my cupboard: bionaturae egg pasta

It’s not often that I would feature a white flour pasta…I rarely even buy pasta made with white flour. I’m a whole wheat kind of girl. :) Not to mention a Nutritionist, remember??

But this bionaturae traditional egg pasta just looks special. I know I bought it with something in mind, but a few months passed and finally it made it into a spaghetti & meatball dinner. Dare I say that it reminded me of home-made pasta?

My inexperienced fresh pasta palate, probably shouldn’t make that comparison. But I swear it came close.

Now I just have all the more reason to buy this pasta again. And even though it’s made with white flour it actually has a decent amount of protein (7 grams per serving) and I told you that it tastes amazing, right?

For a simple meal, I tossed some of the pasta with pesto and parmesan and let me just say…go get some. :)