into DIY art projects (this one is going up in my office and came from Bower Power)

feeling like LA is really small…I’ve run into 3 people from high school/college in the last few weeks – all random!

brunch at AMMO – so good

meeting my new adorable cousin and having a West Coast family reunion!

drooling over this grilled steak, avocado and spicy crema sandwich


finally getting back to a hot power fusion yoga class…it was wonderful but the music was iffy (Call Me Maybe? Really?)

eating more delicious salmon from Copper River

spending a day at Crystal Cove Beach (in between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach – it was gorgeous and we’ll definitely be visiting again soon!)

seeing Liza Minnelli at the Hollywood Bowl

finishing up the book Wild, by Cheryl Strayed – SO good!

staying up too late on a school night seeing Animal Kingdom at the Troubadour

Lately you’ve been…


lately i’ve been…(x)

wandering the farmers market with Lynn (The Actors Diet) getting obsessed with Babycakes again…tempted to get the cookbook again watching fat, sick and nearly dead – have you seen it? Thoughts? attending the premiere of The Watch (SO fun!) loving the oscars outdoors – an outdoor movie theatre at the academy. In true LA fashion,

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lately i’ve been…(ix)

loving this blog: budget bytes really enjoying having this face get SO excited for me to get home really thankful I don’t have to eat rice and beans this week taking in the ocean in Santa Monica loving Lindsay’s pictures and stories from her adventure in Philippines thinking I need this kale market salad from

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lately i’ve been…(viii)

playing tennis hanging out (ok, walking by) the 90210 beach house having absolutely perfect weekends (hiking, tennis, relaxation, pool) attending a super fun wedding downtown LA having Minnesota friends around for a few days laying out at the beach adjusting very nicely to my new job celebrating the 4th of July with classic BBQ food:

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lately i’ve been…(vii)

attending trunk shows for AMORROMA Swim and buying a fun, new suit! eating buffalo chicken pizza (recipe from janetha @ meals & moves) finally watching Mad Men celebrating our first LA Pride weekend in West Hollywood (SUR float with Lisa Vanderpump featured on Satisfy My Sweet Tooth thrilled to find the newest Trader Joe’s favorite:

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lately i’ve been… (vi)

eating tons of melon (they are the perfect post-sweaty workout) attending really fun pool parties and meeting new people going to our first Dodger game! adding this vietnamese noodle salad to my list of things to eat working out with Jackie Warner. Oy. (Couldn’t move the next day) hunting down Copper River Salmon making smoothies

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lately i’ve been…(v)

having an AMAZING visit with my Mom seeing hilarious movies starring Ms Lynn Chen eating Korean BBQ again being a tourist in LA working on some new, fun recipes for French Meadow Bakery! visiting Venice Beach finally eating breakfast at The Griddle Cafe drinking my new favorite juice: cucumber, celery, carrot, lemon and pear attending

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