in a major cooking slump. Seriously. Please send help!

hanging out with these two.

eating delicious seafood from Santa Monica Seafood.

making a ridiculous purchase (Star Homes Map). It had to be done, but is SO not worth the money.

drooling over this recipe for french onion soup tartines from vegetarian times. Need to make it asap.


getting more into raw foods again.

and then filling my belly with Indian food.

exploring San Diego a bit on a work trip. Must take road trip here soon!

Lately you’ve been…

Happy Weekend! 


lately i’ve been…(iii)

1.  going back to blonde 2.  seeing best friends! 3. eating the following salad: greens + avocado + tomatoes + parmesan + balsamic vinaigrette 4. working lots 5. having dim sum nights at home (via Trader Joe’s frozen aisle) 6. seeing more best friends! 7. featured on June Ruby 8. yogaing, spinning and hiking 9. taking

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lately i’ve been…(ii)

1. eating this salad: greens + cranberries & walnuts + gorgonzola + champagne vinaigrette. Every day. 2. downloading fonts like it is my job. 3. enjoying California campfires at the beach. 4. listening to the Lana Del Ray album on repeat. I cannot get enough of her voice! 5. attending musicals like Jersey Shoresical. Yup,

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lately i’ve been…

  1. eating korean bbq. We went out for my birthday to Ham Ji Park in Koreatown and ate pork ribs and pork neck & potato stew. Oh and because we were deficient on pork, we also had pork belly. Did I tell you I’m now obsessed?! 2. yoga-ing and spin-ing a lot! It feels

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