lately i’ve been…(ix)

loving this blog: budget bytes

really enjoying having this face get SO excited for me to get home

really thankful I don’t have to eat rice and beans this week

taking in the ocean in Santa Monica

loving Lindsay’s pictures and stories from her adventure in Philippines

thinking I need this kale market salad from 101 Cookbooks in my life asap

grilling! We are house/dog-sitting and we are able to finally grill this summer, it has been great!

Lately you’ve been…

lately i’ve been…(viii)

playing tennis

hanging out (ok, walking by) the 90210 beach house

having absolutely perfect weekends (hiking, tennis, relaxation, pool)

attending a super fun wedding downtown LA

having Minnesota friends around for a few days

laying out at the beach

adjusting very nicely to my new job

celebrating the 4th of July with classic BBQ food: brats, potato salad and baked beans :)

finally attending a wine tasting at Silverlake Wine

getting ready to take part in a SNAP Challenge (eating on a food stamp budget for 1 week) – anyone want to join?

Lately you’ve been…


lately i’ve been…(vii)

attending trunk shows for AMORROMA Swim and buying a fun, new suit!

eating buffalo chicken pizza (recipe from janetha @ meals & moves)

finally watching Mad Men

celebrating our first LA Pride weekend in West Hollywood (SUR float with Lisa Vanderpump

featured on Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

thrilled to find the newest Trader Joe’s favorite: Lacinito Kale (cut, washed and organic!)

starting the documentary Weight of the Nation

eating our first hot dog of the summer – yum!

starting a new job and loving it! (more on that to come) :)

Lately you’ve been…


lately i’ve been… (vi)

eating tons of melon (they are the perfect post-sweaty workout)

attending really fun pool parties and meeting new people

going to our first Dodger game!

adding this vietnamese noodle salad to my list of things to eat

working out with Jackie Warner. Oy. (Couldn’t move the next day)

hunting down Copper River Salmon

making smoothies – we finally got a blender! (The Ninja – so far I like)

going on a taco crawl! 5 taco joints around Los Feliz and Boyle Heights.

(waiting for our first tacos)

eating this kale, bacon & mushroom salad

finally reading Nickel & Dimed (yes, 10 years behind) – what an eye-opening book, I definitely recommend reading it.

Lately you’ve been…

Happy Weekend!