The Taster and I recently spent a Saturday afternoon on a taco crawl. It was SO much fun! We sampled tons of flavorful tacos, explored new neighborhoods and learned a few things on the way…

  1. Start the crawl early…I think 11am would be the perfect start time
  2. Bring a few bottles of water to hydrate between bites
  3. Fresh corn tortillas are nothing short of amazing
  4. Groups of 4 people or smaller – you should be able to drive together in a car
  5. Bring cash – a number of the places we visited only took cash
  6. Do not go on an ethnic food crawl if you need to know what every single ingredient is or if the meat is local or not. Just don’t.
  7. Don’t plan on eating afterwards! We foolishly made plans for sushi afterwards, but thankfully sushi is pretty “light” :)
  8. No matter how tempting, only order 1 taco per restaurant and better yet – share!

Now we’re looking for our next “food crawl” idea…



ask the nutritionist: eating out without gaining weight

Last week, when I posted about all of the Korean BBQ I’ve been eating, I received a question from a reader wondering how to eat out when you are trying to lose weight. I should mention that I’m not actively trying to lose weight, just maintain it, so if you are actively trying to lose weight,

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life {and living it}

Hi Friends! You probably haven’t noticed, but… This thing called life keeps getting in the way of my usual 4 posts per week schedule. As much as I wish this blog were a full-time job – or even a part-time job, it is a hobby and so as other priorities come into my life, this

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green living inspiration

This Sunday is Earth Day, have you heard? Do you celebrate or acknowledge the holiday? I will be working all day, but when I was a kid we used to go pick up trash along the side of the road that we lived on. I grew up in the country and people throw out trash

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Woah. Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday. I still kind of feel like I’m 23. (23rd birthday) I still don’t really know what I should do with my life. But if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that you should take advantage of the opportunities you have. You should always appreciate family. And be

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three years.

I’m about to embark on my fourth year of blogging. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been writing/photographing/researching/loving this blog for three years already. My blog has changed a lot in the last few years. I’ve changed the look a few times. I kind of wanted to update things again, but I still love the

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Hola Amigos! We are back from Isla Mujeres, Mexico after an amazing week with my family. My brother splits his time between fighting wildfires and traveling the world (why doesn’t my life sound as exciting?!) so spending a week with him and my parents was such a treat as we are rarely all together. We

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