my new job

Last month, I started a new, full time job.

I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to be working full time again. Working from home and working part time has its advantages, but I was starting to get bored.

I’ve shared a little bit with you – through the #SNAP4aWeek Challenge and a little bit about my commute, but not really much else!

I’m working with MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, which is a “national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and alleviating hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds.” We do a lot of education and advocacy (this is where SNAP and the food bill comes into play), strategic initiatives (like Healthy Meals, Healthy Options) and partnership grants (which means we award grants to food banks, food pantries, meal delivery programs, etc. across the country).

I am the Communications Manager so I’ll be working on the newsletters (first one is done!), annual reports, website, blog, social media and we’ll see what else!

Getting a full-time job was a major factor in feeling settled in LA and I couldn’t be happier with where I am. The people are great, the mission is something I truly believe in and the work is challenging. It feels perfect. :)


lately i’ve been…(viii)

playing tennis

hanging out (ok, walking by) the 90210 beach house

having absolutely perfect weekends (hiking, tennis, relaxation, pool)

attending a super fun wedding downtown LA

having Minnesota friends around for a few days

laying out at the beach

adjusting very nicely to my new job

celebrating the 4th of July with classic BBQ food: brats, potato salad and baked beans :)

finally attending a wine tasting at Silverlake Wine

getting ready to take part in a SNAP Challenge (eating on a food stamp budget for 1 week) – anyone want to join?

Lately you’ve been…


lately i’ve been…(vii)

attending trunk shows for AMORROMA Swim and buying a fun, new suit!

eating buffalo chicken pizza (recipe from janetha @ meals & moves)

finally watching Mad Men

celebrating our first LA Pride weekend in West Hollywood (SUR float with Lisa Vanderpump

featured on Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

thrilled to find the newest Trader Joe’s favorite: Lacinito Kale (cut, washed and organic!)

starting the documentary Weight of the Nation

eating our first hot dog of the summer – yum!

starting a new job and loving it! (more on that to come) :)

Lately you’ve been…


things I learned on a taco crawl

The Taster and I recently spent a Saturday afternoon on a taco crawl. It was SO much fun! We sampled tons of flavorful tacos, explored new neighborhoods and learned a few things on the way…

  1. Start the crawl early…I think 11am would be the perfect start time
  2. Bring a few bottles of water to hydrate between bites
  3. Fresh corn tortillas are nothing short of amazing
  4. Groups of 4 people or smaller – you should be able to drive together in a car
  5. Bring cash – a number of the places we visited only took cash
  6. Do not go on an ethnic food crawl if you need to know what every single ingredient is or if the meat is local or not. Just don’t.
  7. Don’t plan on eating afterwards! We foolishly made plans for sushi afterwards, but thankfully sushi is pretty “light” :)
  8. No matter how tempting, only order 1 taco per restaurant and better yet – share!

Now we’re looking for our next “food crawl” idea…