ask the nutritionist: eating out without gaining weight

Last week, when I posted about all of the Korean BBQ I’ve been eating, I received a question from a reader wondering how to eat out when you are trying to lose weight. I should mention that I’m not actively trying to lose weight, just maintain it, so if you are actively trying to lose weight, limiting meals out may be a good idea.

This is not an easy question to answer because there are so many ways, opinions and answers/suggestions on how to eat out and not gain weight.

Eating out for me is pretty much an obsession/favorite hobby of mine. I love exploring new cuisines and ethnic foods that I’m not familiar with in addition to any old delicious restaurant. I’ll try everything and every place once and so far, I’ve liked pretty much everything. :) I prefer to eat out on a regular basis, so I definitely rely on a few “tricks!”

Here are some of the ways that I enjoy restaurant meals without gaining weight: 

  • Decide what calories are worth it and which ones aren’t.
  • Appetizer or dessert.
  • Share! The Taster and I always share meals, and often just share small plates so we can try more items.
  • Take home some leftovers. When we had breakfast at The Griddle Cafe, the portions were so huge that we had enough leftovers to provide another whole meal.
  • Appreciate and savor delicious meals – having someone cook for you should be luxurious and special, treat it as such!
  • Don’t eat until you are stuffed. Sure, this will happen from time to time, but I make an effort to not leave a restaurant stuffed.
  • If you eat a large meal, don’t feel obligated to eat your normal breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks afterwards – listen to your body! Some meals we’ll eat a little more, and some we’ll eat a little less.
  • Eat the types of meals that you would typically eat at home. I often look for seafood or other protein and will usually request all non-starchy vegetable sides. Potatoes are not worth it to me, so I’ll typically skip them and ask for something else. (If I’m eating a burger, that is a different story).
  • Workout! Restaurant fare is typically a little higher in calories than a meal at home so it is just another reason to workout regularly. :)

Everyone has their own tips and tricks – please share yours! (Even if your tip is not eating out!) :)

life {and living it}

Hi Friends!

You probably haven’t noticed, but…

This thing called life keeps getting in the way of my usual 4 posts per week schedule. As much as I wish this blog were a full-time job – or even a part-time job, it is a hobby and so as other priorities come into my life, this sometimes takes the back seat.


I have to admit that taking a step back from the online world has been good for me. I’ve been out getting to know new friends, visiting with my family here in California, going on job interviews and working with two great companies!  Three of my best friends also visited within a three-week span. Obviously my focus was not on the internet – it was all about cherishing my time with them. And then consequently, the home-sick feelings that would arise after each of their departures.

I know that no one is frantically wondering why I haven’t been posting but I wanted to let you know that as my blog continues to grow and evolve, I’ve put more of a priority on quality content instead of a certain number of postings per week. So though you may hear from me less at times, I hope that you still feel A Nutritionist Eats is still worth reading! Thanks for sticking around. :)

How do you balance real life and the internet world?! I’m starting to feel more of a balance as I’ve stepped back, but I could probably still do better. 

green living inspiration

This Sunday is Earth Day, have you heard?

Do you celebrate or acknowledge the holiday? I will be working all day, but when I was a kid we used to go pick up trash along the side of the road that we lived on. I grew up in the country and people throw out trash and dump garbage all the time. It was a small gesture, but I sill remember doing it. My parents are what I would consider uber-green and always set a great example.

While I aim to be as green as possible all year-round, Earth Day is always a good reminder that I can do better! I do the standards: bringing my bags to the grocery store, carrying around my water bottle with me at all times and buying eco-friendly home cleaning products and organic food when possible, but there are definitely ways that I can improve.

Favorite, Simple Ways to Go Green! 

compost pail via simple human 

household cleaners, detergents via seventh generation

food kozy via kids konserve

glass water bottle via life factory

What are your favorite “going green” tips and tricks? I could add a few to my repertoire. 



Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday. I still kind of feel like I’m 23.

(23rd birthday)

I still don’t really know what I should do with my life.

But if I’ve learned anything over the years,

it’s that you should take advantage of the opportunities you have.

You should always appreciate family.

And be sure to love your friends.

Just because you may not know what to do with your life, or have the perfect career now,

doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.

Work hard, play lots and love your life.


Oh, and pick up some anti-wrinkle cream – you are already getting a late start.

(29th birthday)

Have any life advice for me? :)