I’m SO glad my wedding pictures showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I was planning on sharing a cocktail recipe with you today but I’m still tweaking it. I swear I didn’t change my posts around because I was so excited to share pictures with you…I swear! ;)

Our photographer, Brandon M Sweet, uses real film so our pictures took a little longer than most. It was definitely worth the wait! And I loved looking at the pictures (numerous times) with my husband last night.

I don’t want to bore you with tons of wedding pictures so I picked my favorites – let me know if you are interested in seeing more and I can post some more soon!

make-up: Blushing By Anna

flowers: Christina Marie Events


flower girls


walking down the stairs with brother (I was terrified to walk down the stairs!!!)



husband + wife




wedding weekend {pictures}

I really didn’t expect to feel much different after I got married. But I do. I’m happier, more in love than I thought was possible and feeling SO amazing. Here are a few pictures from the weekend – we feel so blessed to have so many friends and family that traveled far be there to celebrate

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We’re married!!! I can’t wait to share more pictures and details from our wonderful day. I didn’t think it was possible to be any happier, but it is! Tweet


wedding countdown

I can’t believe our wedding is less than 2 months away! If you are familiar with the knot, you know those annoying emails that come, proclaiming “Two Months to Go! Here’s what you need to do!” I delete it because it stresses me out and then end up going directly to the website so I make

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the wedding weight debate

Every bride (and groom) wants to look their best on the “big day” – myself included. You can bet that I’ll be eating clean, keeping up on workouts and probably trying every face mask, deep conditioning hair treatment (just started Moroccan Oil last week!) and nail growth polish I can get my hands on in the weeks

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why register for china

why i registered for china

Like many, I initially scoffed at the idea of registering for china. Why would I want people to spend over $100 on a single place setting? Who uses china in this day and age? Where am I going to put it? (hello tiny apartment) When would I ever use it? It seemed over the top.

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engagement picture, minneapolis photographer

wedding update

I’ve been promising some updates on the wedding planning…kind of a cheesy post, don’t say I didn’t warn you Planning a wedding is like planning the biggest party of my life. Which may sound incredibly stressful to some, but I’m so fortunate to have so many people to help. Not to mention that I love

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