the engagement dinner

So you’ve heard of engagement chicken, right? It’s a miraculous baked chicken that you make if you are in the market for a proposal. They do say a way to the heart is through the stomach…

Well, I’m already engaged, and almost married, but if I needed to, ahem, push a little towards an engagement? I’d make my Midwestern boy this meal. Meat and potatoes.  I oddly enough, really didn’t grow up eating the wisconsin classic of meat and potatoes.

My fiance? Full-fledged except that we rarely eat that way now. He loves potatoes, I never really buy them. He loves meat, I like it sometimes. So when I wanted to make a special meal just for him? It was simple – a meat and potatoes dinner straight from the Pioneer Woman Cookbook.

Ribeye Steaks with Whiskey Cream Sauce and Rosemary Potatoes.

It was the Taster who insisted on including a vegetable for dinner. I was fine with straight meat, potatoes, butter and cream. :)

Now I kind of want to propose to The Pioneer Woman, the meal was pretty much amazing.


  1. says

    I’d propose to the Pioneer Woman too!! :) My husband would LOVE the meat and potatoes dinner! Your finance is a lucky man. Have a great day.

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