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Last week I was faced with a Friday date at the Roosevelt Pool. On Wednesday.


I panicked. I’m not ready to be in a swim suit! I need time to prepare! I never got around to that juice cleanse!

You see, I’m not a fan of my belly. It is kind of soft and mushy and really the only part of me that I really don’t like.

You know the thing. The, if I could just have a flat belly/toned arms/tight booty/skinny thighs/perfect hair/etc. my life would finally be complete, feeling.

But if I ever had gorgeous abs and a flat belly (doubtful, I love food too much) would I finally be happy with my body or would there always be just one more thing?

I’m heading to Mexico this month for a family trip and I plan on living in bikini’s the entire time.

With or without the perfect belly.  (But I’m hoping it is more perfect than not).



    • Emily says

      Right, I feel like everyone has something they aren’t THRILLED about! And we are always much more critical about ourselves than others.

  1. says

    Now that I’ve had kids and have experienced the body-changing results of that metamorphosis, I now think I should have worn a bikini every day of my life before age 26. ;) But of course at that time, I wasn’t confident enough to appreciate my body like I should have. And now I try to remind myself that I’ll be saying the same thing about my current body 10 years from now. Appreciate the beautiful body you have today, I say!

  2. says

    I feel the same way about my tums-but you always have to remember that everyone has some sort of body insecurity. It always helps me to focus on the parts of my body that I DO love. If all else fails…remember you’ll be on a beach…with your family…in Mexico! Can’t get much better than that!

  3. says

    We women are so hard on ourselves! I sometimes feel like we’re never truly happy even when we look fabulous, both inside and out. It comes down to how you feel and if you are happy with life, your marriage, your healthy body, then well you are pretty awesome. :) Have a fabulous time in Mexico and rock that bikini!

  4. says

    I also hate my tummy and I always think that if it were flatter and firmer that I would finally have body confidence. Not true. If it’s not my tummy, it’s going to be my thighs or my arms…

    I don’t know if women are able to feel happy about their bodies. At least, I know none of my friends are!

    • Emily says

      Yes, right now, I think if only that was “better” than I would be happy, but I feel like it would always be something.

  5. says

    I am the exact same way with my belly. Every other part of my body I am perfectly okay with, but I definitely have that huge tummy hangup. I even compulsively sit with a pillow in front of it, or burrow up in a blanket, just because I’m self-conscious that there’s a roll, a pooch, etc…

    That’s exactly the thing though. SELF conscious. We’re the only ones who see a smooshy, flabby belly on ourselves. To other people, it’s just a normal (and yeah, really fit and really sexy) body that’s got nothing to fret over. Try to channel that confidence going into your Mexico vacation (which sounds absolutely divine, by the way!)

  6. says

    work that bikini on the beach!

    the thing i remind myself of is that EVERYONE is insecure in a swimsuit – even the models! somehow remembering that makes me realize its silly and that i should just have fun. have an AWESOME trip!

  7. says

    Sometimes I remind myself that when I’m older I’m going to regret not loving my younger body/self while I had it. Work out, eat well most of the time, feel good, and then enjoy your life. :) Don’t stress Emily. And besides, you are so slim! :) Mexico will be awesome!

  8. says

    We are so hard on ourselves and at the end of the day, it’s just a belly. No one will care except you. I have come to the point where I just let it go, of course everyone has things they don’t love but it is so not worth the stress.

  9. says

    Absolutely wear those bikinis! I’m always drawn to people who seem confident in their own skin, regardless of their size. So much of true beauty comes from within and isn’t measured by pant size or ab size. I do think that if you got your abs ‘just right,’ you’d move on to another body part – I’ve fallen trap to that many times.

    • Emily says

      I’m with you on being drawn to confident people. I’m actually more drawn to women who have a little bit more “cushion” in hips, stomach and chest. I think it is beautiful. I just don’t have the hips/chest for the whole package!! :) (If that makes sense?!)

  10. says

    If there’s a woman out there who doesn’t have at least one gripe about her body, I would like to meet her and bottle whatever confidence hormones she’s got. But you will look great, I’m sure, especially with your newlywed glow. :)

  11. says

    I love this post! I think we all have that one thing we wish we could change. I would agree with you in that mine is definitely the tummy! (Though, to be honest, if it really came down to it, the one thing I’d absolutely change about myself even more so that physical attributes would be to sweat a whole lot less…seriously, it’s a problem). You go girl for being comfy in your skin and rockin’ bikinis! Hope you have a great trip!

  12. Erica says

    It’s a sad truth that because women are bombarded with images of the “perfect” body, we have a hard time accepting our bodies the way they are. I’m sure that if you asked your husband he would say, with complete and utter honesty, that he wouldn’t change a thing about your body! This isn’t blindness, on his part. On the contrary, he is seeing you the way you truly are! Do what I do: when you’re feeling crappy about yourself, try to see yourself through his eyes.

    P.S. when you’re in a bikini, I doubt very much he’s looking at your abs ;)

  13. says

    I feel the same way about my tummy, it’s definitely the part of my body that is not my favorite. I always tell myself that if that’s the worst that I have to worry about in a swimsuit (or overall) then I’m probably doin’ okay. Although sometimes those insecurities do creep through anyways ;) I’m sure you will be rockin’ your bikini though girl and I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!!

  14. says

    I think that a flat stomach could easily improve my body image. I don’t even need the cut up abs of a super model, although that would be nice, but just a little less mush and tire. It is the hardest area on my body to tone…guess thats genetics for you.

    I just got back from a cruise and found myself jealous of the girls with flat stomachs, even if their arms and legs weren’t as toned as mine. The grass is always greener!

    But in the grand scheme of things, I try to keep in mind how proud I am of the work I do for my body and how much I LOVE that extra glass of wine. That quality of life makes my abs seem much less important.

  15. says

    I also will be in Mexico next month and was having the exact same thoughts…except it isn’t only my tummy at my age! But I was ALWAYS unhappy with some part of my body and – in retrospect – it was all so undeserved. I was beautiful. I am plumper but still beautiful, and you are beautiful. Anyone who fails to see that is blind and not worth worrying about! This is a message to self as well!

  16. says

    Mine’s my legs. Thanks to genetics I’m prone to veins. I always thought my exercise would keep me from looking like my grandma (an inactive smoker), but at 26 they started showing up. :) So even thought skirts and shorts (without boots or tights) are not in my wardrobe anymore I am thankful for my legs every time I run on them. I’d rather have them ugly than not at all. ;) Then I thank goodness for capris and stylish pants. Ha, ha!

  17. says

    You are a gorgeous chicka inside and out. I wouldn’t even worry about it if I were you! I try to remember this: When I’m 80, I’ll more than likely remember the good food and times I had with the people I love rather than how perfect my body was =) I just need to remember to eat healthy enough to make sure I live that long!

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