the taster & raw pasta

As you know, the taster is pretty open to healthy foods, vegetables, etc. (To my surprise he actually picked up a piece of kale to munch on the other day) and while he loves his veggies, he also loves “frying stuff”.  Sigh.

One place he has not ventured is into the Raw Foods world. He’ll try things out when I make them from time to time and is sometimes surprised (Notcho Cheese and Gena’s soft serve) but an entire raw meal? Never happened.  I’ve been making some raw pasta for lunches recently with some great sauces and I knew this would be a good opportunity for him to try.


Marinara and alfredo sauce a top a bed of zucchini noodles. I could eat this every day.


All mixed together for the perfectly raw “Vodka Sauce”!


Hey, I’m realistic, ok? The noodles are even slightly sauteed….couldn’t convince him that raw zucchini noodles were a good idea! ;)

Taster Quote on Raw Pasta: Meh.

Even though he’s not in love with them if there is anyone out there who still wants to give them a try I’ll include the recipes below!

Zucchini Noodles: I actually don’t own a Spirooli or Spiralizer. I have a contraption from the Minnesota State Fair (who would have ever thought) that is basically like a mandoline slicer but it slices into thin strips. It works for me.

Marinara Sauce:

3 tomatoes, sliced

1 green pepper (the spicy kind) Thanks Dad! (mine came from his garden)

4 sun-dried tomatoes, reconstituted

4 olives

1 Tbsp olive oil

garlic salt, sage, thyme

Pulse or blend until combined.

Alfredo Sauce:

1/2 cup pine nuts, soaked overnight

1/4 cup cashews, soaked overnight

1 Tbsp olive oil

garlic salt, sage, thyme and a bit of soaking water

Blend until smoooooooooooth.


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