the wedding weight debate

Every bride (and groom) wants to look their best on the “big day” – myself included. You can bet that I’ll be eating clean, keeping up on workouts and probably trying every face mask, deep conditioning hair treatment (just started Moroccan Oil last week!) and nail growth polish I can get my hands on in the weeks leading up to my wedding.


Sometimes, a wedding is all the motivation you need to start some healthy habits, but sometimes,  it can also swing a little far on the other side. I’m talking brides losing a significant amount of weight pre-wedding. (Not a few pounds due to stress, etc.) First of all, I don’t always understand it. Wouldn’t you want to look and feel your best all the time? (I do – you can call me vain!) Secondly, it doesn’t seem like looking like a different person on your wedding day would be desirable. And if it is all for one day, is it all lost the day after the wedding?

My views are this: I’m all for people getting healthy and in-shape and feeling their best. For life, not just for a wedding.

Thoughts? Did you start a new, healthy regimen before your wedding?


  1. says

    I really hope you like the Moroccan Oil! When I was at the salon getting my hair done for my best friend’s wedding, the stylist introduced me to the stuff, and it’s awesome at making my hair less frizzy without getting it greasy. Better yet is that it’s fair trade and natural :) Fingers crossed that it works for you!

  2. says

    I didn’t do anything different once we were engaged — I wanted to, but I honestly didn’t have any time! I tried to stay away from greasy fried foods and dairy because those foods usually lead to my skin breaking out. But that was about it!

  3. Lacey says

    Actually me and my hubby were the biggest we have ever been for our wedding day. We weren’t living together, and we both had roommates so to get time alone together we went out to eat. It’s too bad, because we both have a hard time looking at our wedding picutres and watching our wedding video. I’m seriously considering hopping back into my wedding dress, putting him in a tux and retaking some photos that we aren’t ashamed of.

    I guess I’m a bit vain, too. :-)

  4. says

    Sadly, I actually stopped working out 2 months before my wedding because I was so stressed I had no time to do it (excuses, excuses!). It ended up being a bad idea, not because I gained any weight for my wedding (I didn’t), but because it interfered with exercising being a habit. I ended up not working out again regularly for another 5 years (and after a lovely 50 lb weight gain). Yikes!!

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    I’m obsessed with Moroccan Oil! For the first few uses I was putting on way too much and becoming a grease ball within a few hours, but now that I’ve perfected my method of putting a dab of cream on the ends of my hair, there is no turning back. If you’re looking for a nail strengthener, I really like nailtiques. It can get thick and gloopy, but a thin coat is all you need and it really works.

    Have you set a date yet? I know this is a food blog, but I’d love to hear about your wedding plans if you want to share them :)

  6. says

    I’m not married and am not engaged…BUT I try to lead a healthy life to look and feel good always…AND, I LOVE Moroccan Hair Oil. ;) Its the best.

  7. erin says

    Moroccan Oil is a product I can’t live without! I use it daily… it does wonders for my finicky fine hair.

    Hope the wedding planning is coming along nicely! :)

  8. says

    I’m also not married or engaged but when I am, I hope to be as healthy as I am now! I can see how some get carried away but I want to look like myself in my wedding pictures! I think being who you are is most important. If it inspires you to live a healthier lifestyle then great!

  9. says

    I’ve never heard of Morocan Oil. What is it?

    I ended up losing a couple of pounds the week of the wedding due to stress (when I get stressed, I feel nauseous and don’t eat). Two pounds I didn’t need to lose and I’m pretty sure it all came from my already small bosom. So – my dress had a nice little gape at the chest. Lovely! I’m sure I noticed it most, but still.

    I agree that you shouldn’t take it too extremes. I also think that you should know how you respond to stress – if you are a stress eater, try to go into the wedding week a pound or so less, if you are a stress non-eater, try to add a pound before that week.

    • Emily says

      That is exactly what would happen to me! Good to know! :)
      Moroccan Oil is a line of hair products (really expensive, but supposed to be some of the best!)

  10. says

    I was the opposite of those intense brides…I didn’t do anything differently, and I don’t think I even shaved my legs the day of my wedding! I did put on some ultra-long false eyelashes, though ;)

  11. Christine says

    My upcoming wedding was a motivator to stick to a 4-5 day a week exercise routine and generally try to eat well but I’ve never been a fad/crash dieter so there were no extreme plans for me! t also taught me that I am healthiest and happiest when I have a goal to work toward. I can get complacent if I am not working on some kind of progress, growth or development and I wouldn’t have known that that was my motivation problem without going through the engagement period. Now I regularly set new fitness goals and I am actually healthier and in better shape than I was on my wedding day (and so is my husband).

  12. Tiffany says

    Honestly, I didn’t change at all in that respect leading up to my wedding. Then again, I wanted a VERY tiny, low-key event, and it was, so I didn’t feel any pressure about being the “center of attention”. That’s just not my style. I’m sure there is pressure on others, but I did not let that affect me/my wedding… And I concur–the healthy habits should be within reason (not ED-oriented or obsessive) and last a lifetime.

  13. says

    I am all for starting healthy habits (and toning up those arms) because I think they will help a bride FEEL good on her wedding day, but I’ve never understood the crazy pre-wedding diets. BTW, I absolutely LOVE Morrocan oil. It changed my life!

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