top uses for prepared pesto


Pesto is one of those staples that everyone should always have on-hand. It comes in handy for so many things and adds such fresh flavor to everything it meets!

While homemade pesto is usually better, I rely on prepared pesto from the store a lot. Here are some of the ways I use it:

  • Tossed with pasta (tortellini is my absolute favorite, but any pasta is good)
  • Spread on a tortilla, topped with a little cheese, rolled up and microwaved for 30 seconds
  • As a sauce for pizza
  • Thin with a bit of olive oil and serve with roasted vegetables
  • As a sandwich spread
  • On meat, chicken or fish
  • Blend into white bean dip
  • As a crostini topping with parmesan or goat cheese
  • Mixed into shredded chicken with a touch of mayo (recipe)
  • Tossed with a grain, topped with goat cheese crumbles

What is your favorite way to use pesto? 


    • Emily says

      I wish I would have made a bunch and frozen it, although…I guess I wouldn’t have been able to carry it across the country anyway…next summer!

  1. says

    Yumm, pesto. When I was a kid, I used to have pesto with linguine and chicken at LEAST once a week (that’s what happens when you don’t like tomato sauce, I guess). It’s also great as a stuffing for chicken or pork (along with some cheese or sundried tomatoes). Really, you could spread it on a shoe and I’d probably still eat it. :)

  2. Marisa says

    I am obsessed with pesto!! I love to put it on anything. Its a great topping for roasted veggies, or even fish. Have you ever mixed it into scrambled eggs with some cheese? To die for… :)

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