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I’ve been promising some updates on the wedding planning…kind of a cheesy post, don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

Planning a wedding is like planning the biggest party of my life.

Which may sound incredibly stressful to some, but I’m so fortunate to have so many people to help. Not to mention that I love party planning.  Obviously the Taster is part of every decision (most of them at least ;) ) and our families and friends have been beyond wonderful, amazing and SO helpful. It makes me feel very grateful and so fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

The last few weeks have made everything feel so real. Up until now, we’ve mainly been thinking about the big picture.  But then my Mom, Amy (Tasters Sister) and I went dress shopping in Chicago and I think I found my dress – I’m very indecisive so I’m going to order it and then try it again :)  Dress shopping was so much more fun than I expected. I guess I’m not sure what I expected…what could be better than a weekend in Chicago with the two sole tasks of shopping and eating? Mom, want to go back?

The invites are 75% decided on, hair ideas in the works, and hotel, shuttle, musicians and makeup artist booked. Our ceremony, which will be held at the reception site is something however, that I really need to start focusing on. If you have any amazing ideas, please let me know! I just had a dream the other night that I forgot to plan the ceremony so I’ll take that as a sign to start planning!

Our photographer, Brandon M Sweet, is amazing and just what we were looking for in a wedding photographer – and I’m so excited for our wedding pictures after seeing our engagement ones!

We have yet to even talk about the food, although we are leaning towards stations and not a sit-down dinner. I kind of want to have macaroons for dessert or maybe an ice cream bar, but all of those details have yet to be discussed and worked out. Do you like the traditional route of cake for dessert or something with a twist?

And I’m sure this will sound completely vain, materialistic, and fill-in-the-blank with whatever you want, but I’m also really looking forward to registering for some fun kitchen toys. I would totally be lying if I tried to say I wasn’t.

It’s becoming more and more real by the day, and although I know our life won’t change much after September 17, I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

Hopefully you were able to follow that post…more to come!


  1. says

    So exciting! The photos are beautiful. (though brrrr)

    I do not think it’s vain at all to be excited about registering. That was one of my favorite parts! I finally felt like a grown up.

    I love everything you are planning so far. I think it’s so important to do what YOU want to do and not fret to much about what others might think.

    And, it is awesome to be married to your best friend. We just celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary and it’s been a fabulous ride!

    • Emily says

      Ok, I feel kind of bad being excited about registering, but I’m glad I’m not alone! Congratulations on 8 years!!!

  2. says

    AH! I had a dream last night that we didn’t book anything for transportation, our musician didn’t show up, and people had no where to sit for the ceremony! Terrifying!

    Is your ceremony outside or inside? Have you been reading wedding blogs? Maybe I should email you instead of leaving a LENGTHY wedding talk comment :)

    Anyway, one thing I can say we are for sure doing and I am *SO* excited about is forgoing a cake, and instead serving homemade cookies & hand scooped ice cream. !!

    • Emily says

      Sarah, I LOVE that idea. Are you making the cookies?!
      I’m also glad that I’m not alone with my bad dreams!!
      Yeah..I might just have to send you an email! :)

  3. Kate Lamers says

    Hey Emily!
    I used to book and detail all of the weddings at the Crowne Plaza in Madison. If you need any suggestions about food, decor, set up, etc., let me know!! I’d love to help!

  4. says

    You guys are an adorable couple! Totally not vain to be excited for gifts from your registry- that’s all part of it. Plus, we can all tell that it’s not what you’re MOST excited for. ;) Where did you look for dresses in Chicago? I have a friend who just started to look for hers and was looking for boutiques to head to. Congrats again!

    • Emily says

      I went to JCrew, which was the main reason for the trip actually. My Mom and I also went to Nordstroms and Macys. I liked a lot of the dresses at Nordstroms though (but my favorites were from JCrew) !

  5. Colleen says

    Hey Cousin

    I loved registering for gifts. It was so much fun.Just remember to let him have the gun at somepoint. HAHA

    Planning was stressful but was also alot of fun. My advice is just remember to breathe. You will have a beautiful day no matter what!!

    Hope to see you soon

  6. says

    GORGEOUS pics! What a beautiful couple you make! That was one of my fav things that I looked forward to, shopping for the kitchen toys! Have fun!! :)

  7. says

    You should totally register at Kitchen Window! I used to work there, and they have TONS of perks involved with their gift registry. Plus, they have the most amazing stuff!

    P.S. Skip the cake — I don’t think I’ve ever had a slice of awesome wedding cake. Ice cream bar sounds amazing! If I ever get married, it’s totally going to be pie for dessert!

  8. Kristin says

    Gorgeous pictures! I too had wedding dreams/nightmares in the months leading up to mine. It would always be about forgetting to plan the ceremony or buy a dress. Yikes! As long as you have some kind of dessert, people will be happy. I think salted carmel macarons are very yummy!

  9. Carissa says

    I love this post! It brought tears to my eyes! I am so excited for the both of you!

    I like the idea of dessert with a twist :) You are so creative and fun that I’m sure it is going to be amazing whatever you decide to do!

  10. says

    I LOVE all things weddings! Your pictures are beautiful! Kitchen toys are a definite plus to getting married, but nothing beats that amazing day and the start of your new life together. Having a husband is SO special and fun. Okay, sorry for all the cheeziness.

  11. Patti says

    Hi Emily and Archie!!
    Your pictures are beautiful. I think you have found a perfect photographer. Your IL cousins would love to bake cookies for your big day. Enjoy the planning.
    Love you

    • Emily says

      Thanks for stopping by Mandy, so good to hear from you!!
      I’ll check out that site, I’ve heard of it but I don’t know if I’ve ever been on it!

  12. says

    I love the photos. How lucky are you to be marrying your best friend. That’s romantical. :) And its totally natural to be excited about the kitchen gifts. I know I’ve already made mental notes of my registry (aahem.. without a groom!)

  13. mary beth hughes says

    ahhhh! i can’t wait to catch up more tomorrow. what a lovely update. and the macroons would be a great addition to the dessert bar. love that idea!!

  14. says

    i will venture to say planning a wedding IS planning the biggest party of your life. it is going to be AMAZING – with your sense of fabulous style and obviously matured palate, i can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    also, your engagement pics are gorge.

    did you get the j. crew dress?

    yes to macaroons AND an ice cream bar.

  15. says

    Awesome!! Love the pics! Any more planning? I’m trying to stay sane too, but it’s getting close yikes! Our wedding is going to be in September too on the 3rd :) Neat!

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