wedding weekend {pictures}

I really didn’t expect to feel much different after I got married.

But I do. I’m happier, more in love than I thought was possible and feeling SO amazing. :)

Here are a few pictures from the weekend – we feel so blessed to have so many friends and family that traveled far be there to celebrate our special day.  (Thanks to Anna & Amy for the pictures!)

Sis-In-Law Amy

LA Cousins

Chicago Cousins

Wedding Quilt – family tradition that I love

Gorgeous Make-up (blushing by anna)

Best Friends

Aunt Tori & Mom

Flower Girls

1st kiss!

Making it legal

Happily Ever After.


  1. says

    you look beautiful!! :)

    at first, i didn’t think i felt different, then so many times over the past couple weeks, i’ll look over at brad and think “he’s my husband.” it’s finally sinking in that it’s real. i agree – i feel like i’m even more in love now!

    yay weddings!

  2. says

    I love both of your dresses!! And you are absolutely glowing.

    Thanks for sharing some of your photos with us. It’s SO fun to see. Are you going on a honeymoon?

    • Emily says

      Thank you Mo! :)
      We aren’t going on a honeymoon right away because we are moving next week! (I’m hoping for a trip to Napa or something really soon though!)

  3. Kristin says

    Your wedding was so amazing! Loved so many aspects of it. Your dress, having a close friend marry you, your mashed potato bar. Sad that you are moving away:( but happy for you guys to have a fresh beginning together.

  4. says

    Emily! Congrats on the big day! I would love to hear how you ever picked food options/catering. I just got engaged (heart!) to my “taster” :) and I know this will be a big part of the decisions. LOVE both dresses too.

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