what i’m eating for earth day

Today is a kick-off to less meat and dairy and more raw-foods.  Raw foods are hard for me to maintain during cold, long Minnesota winters but now that spring has arrived I’m going to incorporate more raw meals into my diet.  I’ve started with smoothies and soaked cereals and am planning my “raw” meals for next week.  I would love any raw recipe or meal ideas that any of you have! 

We are lucky enough to have an excellent 100% Organic Vegan & Raw Restaurant called Ecopolitan and a meal there is always a great inspiration for raw meal creations.  I picked up some raw “notchos” for lunch yesterday (which is one of my favorite meals) and decided to make a pesto pasta for lunch today.  It includes a bed of spinach, sliced yellow pepper, chopped tomato, marinated mushrooms and zucchini pasta tossed with some pesto olive oil that I found at whole foods. 
Dinner will be a Broccoli stir-fry with brown rice and some tofu. Simple but always good :)

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