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Last Tuesday, bright and early the Taster and I set out on our journey to California.

Starting in Wisconsin, we journeyed through Minnesota, South Dakota,Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and finally, California.

We experienced temperatures ranging from 95 to 30 and then back to 75 and sunny (LA).

We drove a lot.

But it was a blast.

We saw the black hills.

We saw Mt Rushmore.

We ate an amazing meal in Salt Lake City. (Thanks Janetha for the recommendation)

We stayed at a ski resort in Southern Utah. Mountains and snow!

We hiked at Zion National Park.

We went to Vegas.

And we ended up just where we are supposed to be. LA. :)

 Speaking of LA, I’m now in a different time zone. Would you guys prefer that I continue posting at 8am central time or doesn’t it make any difference? Let me know!



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    What an incredible road trip! Congrats on the move. I will be jealous this winter when you are enjoying sunny California skies and fresh fruit as Chicago is prepping for their ‘worst winter ever’. If you are ever looking for soup recipes, you will know where to go!

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    What an awesome roadtrip! I love the pictures :) Utah looks gorgeous. That is my favorite part of the country. My friends and I are planning on maybe going to Colorado in a few moths, and I’m so excited :) Glad you had fun!!

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    Girlie post when it’s convenient for you! Everyone else will adjust. :D

    Congrats on your trip and your new adventure living in LA! I can’t wait to see what all you discover!

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