1. says

    Full of fun stuff….

    I don’t drink soda at all but when we were in Mexico for our wedding, everyone raved about the real coke (the one that comes in glass bottle) made with real sugar that I had to try it. It was good….but to sweet for my taste.

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    haha real coke (blek haha) Everything else looks amazing though! I’ve been enjoying the end of summer, experimenting in the kitchen, taking it easy, and catching up on some good reads!

    • Emily says

      You would LOVE it! You have this large cart on wheels (it can fit 16 people) and you all have bike pedals to drive it around. You have a driver and then you can enjoy beverages, stop at bars, etc. Super fun!

  3. says

    That’s not a bad list that’s kept you busy. I love that you mentioned real coke. I don’t drink sodas anymore, except when we are in Jamaica. We just got back from a short trip this week. It is still HFCS-free there so I do indulge in a regular ol’ rum and coke once or twice during the trip. :)

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