why i registered for china

Like many, I initially scoffed at the idea of registering for china. Why would I want people to spend over $100 on a single place setting? Who uses china in this day and age? Where am I going to put it? (hello tiny apartment) When would I ever use it?

It seemed over the top. It seemed old-school and old-fashioned. It seemed like a waste.

But then over a lunch in Chicago with my Mom and the Taster’s Sister, they totally convinced me. As in, in less than a few hours, my Mom and I were at Macy’s checking out the selection.

Lets back track a bit to how they convinced me.

They told me to look ahead 10-15 years…Easter at our house… {envisioning mini red-heads running around :) }

And I started to actually think about the future.. I recalled Easter at my parents house and I recalled eating off of china on a daily basis at home. Not that we were fancy but my Mom always used the china that she had – one set for every day – one set for special occasions. China also reminds me of my grandparents and although I was very young when my grandma passed away, if there’s an opportunity to feel close to her, I’ll take it.

There really is no sense in getting china if you aren’t ever going to use it, but I will use it and I’m excited to use it.

Unfortunately it seems that it is kind of a now or never decision as china isn’t really a thing you go out and buy 15 years down the line. My Mother explained it best with, “you’ll be paying for dance classes.”

So we registered for china, and while the Taster isn’t completely convinced, I have a feeling he’ll come around one of these days…especially if there’s a little red-head running around the table on Easter.

Thoughts on China: Have it? Love it? Never use it? Want it?


  1. says

    We are debating registering for china too… well, I’m debating. My fiance’ doesn’t care too much.

    My grandmother offered to let us have her china (which was HER grandmother’s), but we haven’t seen it or decided yet.

    • Emily says

      That is really cool Claire! I would love to have china passed down but my Mom isn’t going to be ready to give hers up for quite some time. :) Some of the china is surprisingly timeless so hopefully you like it!

  2. says

    I grew up eating off of it on special occasions. We didn’t register for it simply because we don’t have the room for a china cabinet in our tiny townhome and honestly, I don’t much care what I’m eating on as the food is my focus.

  3. says

    We have china, but have only used it once in 9 years of marriage. I think we’d use it more if we had a hutch or buffet or more cabinet space and were able to make it more accessible. For now, it’s boxed up so we can use cabinet space for plastic kids ware and my many appliances.

    I do plan to use it when the kids get a little older and I’m not nervous about them breaking it. For now, we’ll stick with easily replaceable dishes. :)

  4. says

    We didn’t register for it and I kind of wish we had. But, it would still be sitting in storage so maybe it is a good thing we didn’t — we have no room to store all of those dishes!

  5. says

    I am much older than you, but there are two schools – one where its expected you register for China, then never open the box and use it – which is my sister – in 16 years of marriage, her 10 place settings have maybe been used once.

    I had an intimate wedding, no registry, but bought my own china and silverware – and use them whenever I can. So if you get some – please use it! :D

  6. says

    I had the same debate before I got married last year. Best decision I have ever made. I’ve used the china only once, but each time I use it, I imagine what other meals in the future I will use these dishes for :)

  7. says

    I did not go for china, however, I think it’s completely a personal decision! I got a set of dishes that I love to use every day and are still great for company. Oh and I hear you on storing extra stuff in an apartment :)

  8. says

    That’s almost the exact pattern I want! You know…when I have a boyfriend…haha ;) I’m with you though. When the time comes, I’m definitely registering for it. I know that I’ll want it, even if I don’t use it every day. It’s special!

  9. Ange says

    We have 2 sets – a formal set we use for holidays, birthdays and company and a less formal set for everyday. The everyday china is so durable. We used to buy the cheaper dinner sets (stoneware, ect) and they would chip in a year. I have had our informal china for 3 years now and nothing has chipped and it still looks like new and we have 2 kids. :)

  10. Christine says

    I love the idea, and I have similar fond memories to yours. Ultimately, we opted not to get formal china because we aren’t having children and we don’t plan to be the “home base” for family gatherings for either sides of our family so the use would be even more occasional. Also, we asked our guests not to get us gifts and told them that if they really wanted to give us a gift, they could donate something to our honeymoon fund (which ended up paying several thousand dollars worth of an amazing trip). Sad to some people, tacky to others, I know, but it was realistic and the right choice for us!

  11. says

    I don’t trust myself with fine china. I KNOW I’ll break or ruin it somehow! But you know what is really cool? Traditional British china tea sets…

  12. says

    Do not have it, and wish I would have registered for it as my plates that we DID register for are already all scratched up. We even had it on the registry and then took it off. Sad story. I guess Easter will be paper plates for us! :)

  13. says

    My thoughts on china….Definitely not for me! I am more of a go buy random dishes that speak to me that are $5.00 or less” kinda gal…

    I also don’t have any sentimental memories of china use-age as a child so the thought of spending so much money on a dish just doesn’t appeal.

    My husband is actually trying to convince me that we need PLASTIC dishes so that should give you a little insight into our “classiness”….I’m going to hold off on the plastic dishes unless it’s for outside eating or out at our cottage…. ;)

    • Emily says

      Ha! That is too funny!
      I love the random, vintage type dishes – one of my good friends is very good at that – I don’t have the same eye for picking them out!

  14. says

    I’m SO glad we registered for China. It looks beautiful, and it’s fun to use for special occasions, you will not be sorry!

  15. says

    I did not register for it but ended up getting EIGHT complete 4 piece place settings as a surprise from a family friend! I was exstatic bc like you, I WOULD use good china when hosting, just like my mom always has! While they are pricey, I think they are a nice investment!

  16. says

    I registered for China (11 years ago) and I never got a single place setting, not even a piece. :) I do wish I would have gotten at least some, especially on the Holidays or when you want to have a nicer dinner. My grandmother has a beautiful set that she has promised me, and that is better than what I could’ve gotten for my wedding. Good luck with your registry! :)

  17. says

    We didn’t register for it and I have to say with the path our life has taken (lots of travel, moving abroad) I don’t regret it. It just wasn’t our thing. I do see lots of beautiful sets I like though. Being the only daughter I’m pretty certain I’ll inherit my mom’s and that would be fine with me. :)

  18. says

    we registered for (and received) a lot of fiestaware. those are our everyday dishes. i didn’t register for any formal china because my grandma was a china lover and had 3 sets- one my mom inherited, one for my sister, and one for me. so i have beautiful gray/blue china…not what i would have picked but it’s beautiful & reminds me of my grandma. right now we keep 2 place settings in a difficult-to-reach cabinet and the rest is boxed up in a closet. when we have a house, i want a hutch to keep it in. works for me :)

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